Donnerstag, 18. Juni 2009

Opening or How to waste...ähh...spend the time

Well...I only wanted to go shopping today as I heard in the radio about the opening od a big outletstore just around the corner.
I had about two hours before taking Fabian from school and decided to take a short visit to the outletcenter. That´s what it looked like...

This was just the crowd waiting for the took more than half an hour until all the VIPs finished their I finally got in , I only had about twenty minutes left for shopping - needless to say I could afford any more time - and it would have taken me about an other half an hour to stay to the checkout... more story for the book - HOW TO WASTE YOUR TIME !

Dienstag, 9. Juni 2009

sad news....

Since a little time we noticed the weight loss of our cat "Rocky".
Well ...he´s 14 so maybe just a sign of getting older??
But today I took him to the vet. Teeth did show some little problems ..but anyway the vet decided to take some blood.
The vet just called a few minutes ago... the blood anylysis gives many signs for FIP.

"Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) is a viral disease of cats caused by certain strains of a virus called the feline coronavirus....
Once a cat develops clinical FIP involving one or many systems of the cat's body, the disease is progressive and is almost always fatal. "

I´ll take him to the vet again get some antibiotics.

I sadly think time has come to show him our love again and try to make the rest of his life as comfortable as possible .

our guest....

Two days ago we discovered these guests coming into our house. They took a way just above achildrens room. So we startet to search for the nest - not that easy...could only manage to see it with the cam...´s not a very huge one - thanks god...but it´s just the beginning of I don´t want to imagine how it could look in one or two months...
So we decided to NOT keep it...I do prefer to open the childrens windows too! ;-)
Yesterday someone came and no it seems as if he did a good job...can only still see a few wesps trying to get into their old nest...will keep watching .

Mittwoch, 3. Juni 2009

Foxglove & Poppy

Well...I did not plant it...and I´m not sure how I got this place last year I put some hollyhocks seeds...but here´s what nature did...

I could not say I really love Foxglove...but I like country gardens and this would fit...but as they are toxic and I prefer to take care for my boys I decided not to have foxglove in the garden...I´m normally I can´t throw away any honour it I took those pics above.
But what I really love - is poppy:

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