Dienstag, 30. März 2010

waiting for easter

Kids had the last day at school today...now we are looking forward for easter.
I´m busy with cleaning and if I´m not stuck to facebook *g*also with bearmaking. Just finished a new bear...will give you a sneak peek soon...

Donnerstag, 25. März 2010

Spring time !

Finally spring is there!

Beside working in the garden and spending still way too much time on facebook lol, I´m back to bearmaking. Well...have to ...looking forward the TeddyTotal in April.

Samstag, 20. März 2010

Once again...

on tour with jutta!

Last year we gave this to our friends as a birthday present. A tour with a comedy bus. They really did enjoy it and themselves now gave it to her father as a gift - and of cause we had to join them.
It was our thirdd trip and it was really fun again!
This time we first stooped just in front of the Kongresshalle and 4 guest had a competition in Hula Hoop.

After the "champion" was found we were offered a "Futschi" (coke/brandy).

Next stop was the" museum of letters" http://www.buchstabenmuseum.de/

The tour was filmed...will let you know as soon as I find the vid online!
I´m sure this was not our last tour with Jutta!

Mittwoch, 17. März 2010

Mittwoch, 10. März 2010

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You have pulled the bowstring back as far as you can. Now, as Mars turns direct today in your 5th House of Love and Creativity, it's time to steady your aim and release your arrow of intention. You will be called on to practice patience, but you can feel the changes before they even happen. Be clear about what you want and don't be afraid to share your thoughts with those you trust.

Dienstag, 9. März 2010

Finished hibernation ;-)

OK...I think I finally finished hibernation and I am back to posting and crafting!
Seems as if all the snow was just lying on my creativity...

But with the sun no longer hiding, with seeing the green again, I´m getting alive again too.
And...green...that´s it... here´s what took me out of the hibernation... those two St-Patricks Day MakeDo´s.

I hope these shamrocks also will bring me luck to continue crafting again ;-)

So see you soon...