Dienstag, 9. Dezember 2008


Belated here are the pics from Nikolaus day.
I think it´s not usual anywhere...so let me tell ya about it.
In Germany we do celebrate Nikolaus on December the 6th.
Kids are preparing for Nikolaus by polishing their boots or shoes and do place them near the door.
For our family we also do place a plate with some cookies and a glas of milk.
While the children are asleep at night the Nikolaus is coming to them and fills their boots/shoes.
Normally the boots were filled with Nuts, oranges or some sweets, but of cause more and more kids today also do get some (small) toys.

Here the boys are checking their boots in the morning.

And....Nikolaus has tried some of our cookis and also he drank from the milk ;-) .

Later we took the boys to my parents in law - they wanted to do some christmas bakery with Granny - and we found a new board in a close-out-shop.
Hubby wants me to use the new board only for books...but I just found it was great for my snowman collection....

Dienstag, 2. Dezember 2008

1st Advent

Well...I´m a little late in posting...but here I am.
I hope everyone had a nice first Advent.
In Germany there´s the tradition to have an advent wreath with the four candles - one for each sunday before christmas. As this last sunday was the first sunday before christmas ...we lit the first candle.
Later we went to the place were my parents in law own a little garden. There was a little christmas market were the boys played a christmas song with our "family band".
The "family band" means my father in law and three of his granchilds. He teached them the instruments and every year for this christmas market they sit together and play christmas songs.
This year was the first year for Leon and Fabian to join them - together with her cousin Emily.

And me - I finally managed to get my very own self made christmas sign done!

Freitag, 21. November 2008

First snow!

Yeah......we had the first snow today!

It was in the news the last days...winter is coming to Germany - and here it is!

The boys really enjoyed the first snow and were building the first snowman...well...kind of...lol

Mittwoch, 19. November 2008


is listed on ebay now!
I forgot to tell about Fox!
At the show last Sunday the booth next to me was selling old Steiff animals. I´m usually not really into that - to be honest I sold the most of my old Steiff animals a few years ago - but look what I founf....this wonderful old Dog:
I asked about the price...but it was way too much out of my possibilities...but he´s so cute and well loved...I couldn´t resist to ask for taking some photos.
Ok...have a great day all over the world...will have to wake up the boys now...

Montag, 17. November 2008

Yesterdays teddybear-show

Ok...first I´ve to tell there is also a new elephant...to see more of him please visit my website and also something very new for me...I made a bear from mohair but kind of ragdoll...

Ok, yesterday we hab the "Teddybaerlinale" a teddybear show in Berlin.
I think there were more visitors than the last two years before - and for me it was a very fun and good show. I really enjoyed the kind words of my booth decoration and the special kind of my bears.
So here are some pics...

Today I finally updated my website...so come on over to take a peek...

Bearhugs -

Freitag, 14. November 2008

few more bears

Ok...here are a few more bears.
Today I´ll be busy with all the "little stuff"...tags, walnut ink, going through the fabric to see what´s to sell etc... still much to do.

Donnerstag, 13. November 2008

new bears...as promised

OK...yesterday I began taking pics of the new bears - but I still have to resize etc them...

but here´s the first of them - Steve. He measures 34 cm / 13 1/2 " and is made from Schulte antik-Viskose. He has one old shoebutton-eye and one rusty-bell-eye.

And one more...Jamie...same kind...

I also painted some new boxes...

Will go on to work on the other pics to show more new bears soon!

Mittwoch, 12. November 2008

still there & giveaway

I´m still there - busy preparing for the teddybear show on sunday. I think I´ll try to get some pics of the new bears oday...so hopefully may give a little preview.

Susan is offering this great guy for a holiday giveaway!
Take a moment to visit her blog and see more of her work.

Samstag, 1. November 2008


Hi - I hope everyone had a great Halloween!

We first went trick or treating with the boys and later stayed with friends at their house.
We had Nachos and Dips and lots of wine...and I did those yumme pretzel-rolo snacks...but I realized a bit too late I didn´t take a pic before we had them....so here are just the left overs....

We had a great Halloween!

Donnerstag, 30. Oktober 2008

altered giveaway

Just found another great giveaway for Halloween by Stacy of http://primprimitives.blogspot.com/2008/10/my-first-blog-giveaway.html

Visit her blog, leave your comment or/and also post about this wonderful giveaway.

Mittwoch, 29. Oktober 2008

Carving 2008 - part 1

I´m not sure if I should post in this blog in German or English.

I myself do spend most times on international ( english speaking) blogs...so maybe I should also prefer english???

Please just leave a comment and let me know what you would prefer...

OK...it´s time for carving - so today I began with pumpkin carving.

Kids usually love to join...but in the end I have to ( and prefer to) do the carving thing myself.

But Fabian again was helping...

So here are the results of todays carving...will go on tomorrow...

Great giveaway

Ein wundervolles Giveaway anlässlich ihres Geburtstages gibt es bei ANGIE

Einfach vorbeischauen und gratulieren!

Great giveaway from ANGIE

http://simplethymeprimitives.blogspot.com/ cause of her birthday - hurry over to congrat!

I´ve been BOOed

If you get this Boo from me just copy the Boo and post it in your sidebar so others will know you've been Boo'd and then go and Boo whoever you'd like.!

Ich wünsche allen Besucher des Blogs HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Fühlt Euch geBOOed , schnappt Euch das Bild , verlinkt es zurück zu mir und dann verteilt es weiter an Eure Freunde ....

Montag, 27. Oktober 2008


am Nähen...bis 16. müssen noch einige neue Bären erschaffen werden...
Da sie bislang aber noch nicht "gealtert" sind gibt es Fotos erst nach kompletter Fertigstellung.

Vorletzten Sonntag hatte GG Geburtstag - da es kein runder war, wollte er nicht "groß" feiern...nicht reinfeiern, sondern wir luden nur ganz "bescheiden" zum Brunch ab 10h.
War auch alles sehr nett aber es war uns dann doch eine ganz neue Erfahrung, dass die letzten Gäste um 1:30h gegangen sind...!!!
Wer weiß, ob die Fete so lustig und lang gewesen waere, wenn wir "groß" reingefeiert hätten! ;-))))

Donnerstag, 9. Oktober 2008

Ich war tatsächlich

mal wieder fleißig nach langer Zeit!

Zum einen habe ich mich dran gemacht und endlich mal eine alte Fußbank, die ich mal günstig bei ebay ersteigert habe neu zu bemalen.

Da die Zeit für Halloween-Werkeleien ja schon fast wieder rum ist, habe ich mich bemüht nicht zu orange zu greifen sondern schlicht zu schwarz und rot. ( Passt dann aber bestimmt gut zur Weihnachts-Deko! ;-)

Und dann habe ich auch endlich wieder neue Bären gemacht!

Mir ist ja vor einigen Tagen ganz anders geworden, als ich bemerkte, dass in gut einem Monat die nächste Ausstellung ist und ich so gut wie mit leeren Händen dastehe!

Von den ausstehenden Aufträgen mal ganz abgesehen...

Hier nun also die neusten Werke:

trister Oktobertag

Gestern hatten wir bei unserem Ausflug ja noch richtig Glück gehabt mit dem Wetter.

Heute dagegen ist es ein trister nieseliger Herbsttag.

Mittwoch, 8. Oktober 2008

Und wieder

In Klaistow. Erwähnte ich schon, daß ich Kürbisse liebe?

Und die Kinder hatten auch wieder ihren Spaß - sei es auf den Hüpfkissen oder bei den Tieren...


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Montag, 6. Oktober 2008

Halloween Deko

Habe mich endlich aufgerafft und begonnen für Halloween zu dekorieren.
Mir fällt auf, dass meine eigene gewerkelte Deko dafür immer weniger geworden ist - viel zu viel verkauft und viel zu wenig nachgemacht.
Bin wirklich faul in letzter Zeit.
Oder hab ich vielleicht doch einfach zu viel anderes um die Ohren???
Egal...hier die Deko: