Dienstag, 2. Dezember 2008

1st Advent

Well...I´m a little late in posting...but here I am.
I hope everyone had a nice first Advent.
In Germany there´s the tradition to have an advent wreath with the four candles - one for each sunday before christmas. As this last sunday was the first sunday before christmas ...we lit the first candle.
Later we went to the place were my parents in law own a little garden. There was a little christmas market were the boys played a christmas song with our "family band".
The "family band" means my father in law and three of his granchilds. He teached them the instruments and every year for this christmas market they sit together and play christmas songs.
This year was the first year for Leon and Fabian to join them - together with her cousin Emily.

And me - I finally managed to get my very own self made christmas sign done!

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