Mittwoch, 28. Januar 2009

Montag, 26. Januar 2009

International Green Week

Saturday we visited the international Green Week in Berlin - Exhibition for the Food Industry, Agriculture and Horticulture.
We went there with some friends and had much fun.
But things have to pay for mostly everything.
But we didn´t buy much...we just had some fun looking at everything. Ok...we had some Caipirinha ;-)) and some beer here and there...some sparkling wine...and some food of cause...
But beeing there from about 9 in the morning until 6 in the evening really gets your feet hurt!

Donnerstag, 22. Januar 2009


lol...didn´t know how much fun it is to spend the time with those picture generators...

Create your own FACEinHOLE


Create your own FACEinHOLE week it´s Leon´s he LOVES Star Wars...maybe I´ll take this pic for the birthdaycard...

Montag, 19. Januar 2009

I just want


Today sun is shining like it´s spring already. Snow is nearly gone and I do enjoy my first hyacinths .

But not much time to spend...taking beeing to sports in he morning...doing some work at home...taking Fabian from school...prepare lunch...meeting with Fabians Teacher to get to know about how he does at school...taking Dennis from Kindergarden...go to P-I-L for a cup of coffee...go to the dentist ( me and Fabian)...get things for breakfast in Kindergarden (for the group) tomorrow and going back ( the dentist is still in we have to drive about 45 minutes..)...and that´s it for today...

Freitag, 16. Januar 2009


As we went for a little walk at Christmas we found a place with lots of MIL was the first who saw all the red . They still are very nice and so yesterday I decided to go there again - to look if they still are there after the snow we had...and I took a bag full of little stems.

Today now I made my first rosehips-wreath .

Now as the Christmas deco finally is away I also took my old wooden window frame ( I found it at the fleamarket and stored it in my cellar) and put it to my bears.

And ...talking of bears....yes...I took some fabric and started on bearmaking again! ;-))

Now a little word on something I found out the last days...
next week is my cousin´s (she is in the USA) birthday.
As I haven´t send a card or package for christmas ( couldn´t find what to send to be honest) I thought I HAVE to send something special now....time is running and shipping to the US from Germany takes some days...well...still no idea...what about flowers???

I very often send flowers in Germany. It´s not that expansive..
This one for example is about US $ 26 with fees.
And there are many Germany websites which offer also sending flowers to the US.
In Germany for example fleurop has it´s shops and sends the order to the nearest shop. They do not send the I thought international it woul be the same...they will contact the nearest shop for delivery and that´s it. But hey....
Choosing delivery to the USA the cheapest bouquet is about US$ 57 incl.fees.
Please...blogreaders from the USA...could you please tell that because flowers over there are that expensive???
I spend some time with google and browsing the internet and finally found an US shop with affordable prices...but ordering was tricky as the system didn´t take my German billing address... but finally the order was send and I hope it will work and my cousin will be glad to.
But I still can´t understand where´s the difference of ordering here or over there....
Have a nice weekend everybody -

Mittwoch, 14. Januar 2009

First try

on scallops today!

And I can say it was really good!

Will keep on trying food I didn´t try before this year!


As I told yesterday it seems as if I need a kick to get into crafting again...

I´m not really that kind of friend of To-do-lists...but maybe I should start with a kind of plan for each day.

So for yesterday I did my promised theres no more christmas decaration or snowman (well..snowman would have still be ok but I decided to take it all away)

And I decorated my Valentines stuff...but ...hey...where is it gone?? There´s hardly some stuff I made for Valentines! And Valentines Day in Germany isn´t as popular as in the US.

But I still had some stuff from valentine Swaps. I had to go to the doc..made some shopping and later have to get the boys...but for tomorrow I´ll put on my To-d-List to get out some fabric and sstart a new bear!

Dienstag, 13. Januar 2009

I feel as if

I do need I kick into the new year of activity.
Can´t really get me into anything new.
Feels as if I´m still in the lazy holidays mood.

But here it is...a wonderful new morning...

So today I´ll take off the last Christmas decorations ( all the primstuff still was left)...and will take out the valentines decorations. Hope that will give me a little kick.
I really have to get into sewing again as there are lot´s of bears to make for spring...

Donnerstag, 8. Januar 2009

Got the new Dell!

Yesterday my new Dell arrived and today I was just testing everything!

Now I´m able to use it everywhere around the house... the kitchen...

...see the snow outside?....

Ok.... now with the new computer I try to get more organized with my files and I´ve had really too much an my old one...
And....really important Prison Break continous after a very long pause...! ;-))))

Mittwoch, 7. Januar 2009

Promised pics of Christmas

So finally here are some of the promised pictures of Christmas.
OK - first I´ve to tell that over here in Germany we do celebrate Christmas on December the 24th. That´s the day Santa comes and presents are given.
For us the day is even more special because it´s also Fabian´s birthday.
We do celebrate in Family in the morning...but he has his birthdayparty 6 months later on June 24th.
After celebrating his birthday with cake for breakfast ;-) he ( and his brothers) have been very busy with his new Nintendo DS. And we decorated the tree.
It was the first time I tried a popcorn garland...and as the tree is not just a small one I have to go on next christmas to get the garland much longer. ;-)
After we went to Church it didn´t took long and Santa arrived.

And after all presents were unwrapped we had our "Wurstteller".
That´s what my husbands family used to have. Just bread, butter and all kinds of salami and this year we had a big ham.

Dienstag, 6. Januar 2009

Happy new year

We do have lots of snow and its really cold.

We had a wonderful christmas - will post some pics later.
I just have some trouble with my computer so it´s not fun tu surf the internet or work with while it turns off itself everytime. present from hubby was a new pc...could choose if maybe an apple or a I do prefer do be able to also go outside in the summer or not only upstairs I decided for a laptop. ´We ordered a Dell ans it should arrive the next days.