Mittwoch, 14. Januar 2009


As I told yesterday it seems as if I need a kick to get into crafting again...

I´m not really that kind of friend of To-do-lists...but maybe I should start with a kind of plan for each day.

So for yesterday I did my promised theres no more christmas decaration or snowman (well..snowman would have still be ok but I decided to take it all away)

And I decorated my Valentines stuff...but ...hey...where is it gone?? There´s hardly some stuff I made for Valentines! And Valentines Day in Germany isn´t as popular as in the US.

But I still had some stuff from valentine Swaps. I had to go to the doc..made some shopping and later have to get the boys...but for tomorrow I´ll put on my To-d-List to get out some fabric and sstart a new bear!

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