Dienstag, 12. Januar 2010

Caught by ...

a book!
Well...actually I´m still reading "Vergebung" by Stieg Larson.
I´m stuck to his three books since last summer.
Had a long time "off" with not reading but listening to audiobooks.
Anyway...also last summer Fabina got a new book from My MiL...but to be honest it´s still a bit too much for him...Leon wanted to read it but we wanted Fabian to be the first for this book.
Now today we found three of the Spiderwick Chronicles books at the library and Leon chose it to read with me in the evening. We only read the first chapter....I guess he continued...
And guess what I did...I was sitting in the kitchen...reading the same book ( the one from Fabian) and just finished it... lol
Ok...I´m usually not into elves...but it was really fun to read!
And I´m sure we´ll continue the whole chronicals....