Freitag, 24. Juli 2009

Award and new baby

First I have to say THANK YOU to Tatjana for the award she gave to me .

This Award is given for:

- Encouragement for your own blog
- Brings a smile on your face, because it spreads so much joy
- is filled with lots of information
- this blog has just surprised you for some reason .

Put this award on your blog.
Nominate yourself 5 Blogs that you pass this on to do.
Tell them about it and enjoy their reactions.
Also please name the person who gave the award.

So I´ll choose the following for the award:

Ok...Last wednesday the boys went with my Parents in law to get their new baby-dog.
My P-i-l´s had a baby-beagle last yaer, but the ppor sweet Paula died from some poison with only 4 months.
This year they decided to get a dog again.
Here he is - Paul...also called Paule.
He´s 6 1/2 weeks old and the boys are so happy with him.

They will stay with my P-i-l´s this weekend and enjoy Paule and DH and me we will enjoy the weekend ;-))
We are going for some shopping and in the evening visit the little shop of horror with friends.

Did I mention my nes hobby???
I joined the new part of our Sportsclub - the Linedancers!

On sunday we are invited to one of our mebers. It´s her hubby´s birthday and she wants us to show some dances.

Well we are just beginners but having lots of fun.

Sonntag, 19. Juli 2009

today´s find

Sunday - fleamarket time again.
I found a couple of wonderful vintage tins, those two shabby old hats, a wooden train, vintage box for an old camera....

A vintage basket and two vintage enamel sifters.

Freitag, 17. Juli 2009


I´m busy with the house and the garden and with the kids ( school´s out).
But we are not alone in the garden...we do have lots of visitors....

Must hurry the´s going to be a very hot day today and I want to finish sports before it´s to hot....

Dienstag, 14. Juli 2009

back to blogging Iam again...had a couple of non-blogging-days...sorry about that!
I just - finally - finished my taxes and can now go for thing I do like much more!
What happend in between?
We had a couple of summerfestivals at the kindergarden, the school and the soccer.
We had a little accident - Fabian cut his fingertip.
I sold a few bears and do have orders for new ones - so I better should start over bearmaking ;-)
Tomorrow is the last day at school and I´m looking forward to work in the garden.
Here´s a little of what´s waiting for me.

Mittwoch, 1. Juli 2009


I sitting here...typing with tears in my eyes....
Today we had to say goodbye to Rocky.
As I told before he was ill, vet said it is FIP. He also seemed to have a tumor in the intestine .
He didn´t eat much, we gave him whatever he loved, chicken, ground meat, ...anything..but he only took two or three bits...
Yesterday he seemd as if he wanted me to stay with him most of the time...he was lying in the garden and I took some last pictures of him. I took the time to caress him and to say good bye.
Today he was only lying behind his basket, hardly eating or doing anything.
I called Lars and told him I think we should take Rocky to the vet to put him to sleep.
Lars came in the evening and also said it seems to be we let the kids say goodbye and went to the vet.
He didn´t really like driving...and at the vet we did stroke him as he noticed a dog and that seemd to be too much ... he kind of rebeld and then he did his last breathes...
The vet only could confirm ha was gone....
At home we (with the kids) buried him in the garden .

I must say I´m very happy Rocky took the decision himself...and I did not have to let him put to sleep.
And I´m very very thankful for the wonderful time we had.

Now we´ll see how Gordon ...the other cat will take it....

In loving memory of Rocky.