Mittwoch, 7. Januar 2009

Promised pics of Christmas

So finally here are some of the promised pictures of Christmas.
OK - first I´ve to tell that over here in Germany we do celebrate Christmas on December the 24th. That´s the day Santa comes and presents are given.
For us the day is even more special because it´s also Fabian´s birthday.
We do celebrate in Family in the morning...but he has his birthdayparty 6 months later on June 24th.
After celebrating his birthday with cake for breakfast ;-) he ( and his brothers) have been very busy with his new Nintendo DS. And we decorated the tree.
It was the first time I tried a popcorn garland...and as the tree is not just a small one I have to go on next christmas to get the garland much longer. ;-)
After we went to Church it didn´t took long and Santa arrived.

And after all presents were unwrapped we had our "Wurstteller".
That´s what my husbands family used to have. Just bread, butter and all kinds of salami and this year we had a big ham.

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