Freitag, 16. Januar 2009


As we went for a little walk at Christmas we found a place with lots of MIL was the first who saw all the red . They still are very nice and so yesterday I decided to go there again - to look if they still are there after the snow we had...and I took a bag full of little stems.

Today now I made my first rosehips-wreath .

Now as the Christmas deco finally is away I also took my old wooden window frame ( I found it at the fleamarket and stored it in my cellar) and put it to my bears.

And ...talking of bears....yes...I took some fabric and started on bearmaking again! ;-))

Now a little word on something I found out the last days...
next week is my cousin´s (she is in the USA) birthday.
As I haven´t send a card or package for christmas ( couldn´t find what to send to be honest) I thought I HAVE to send something special now....time is running and shipping to the US from Germany takes some days...well...still no idea...what about flowers???

I very often send flowers in Germany. It´s not that expansive..
This one for example is about US $ 26 with fees.
And there are many Germany websites which offer also sending flowers to the US.
In Germany for example fleurop has it´s shops and sends the order to the nearest shop. They do not send the I thought international it woul be the same...they will contact the nearest shop for delivery and that´s it. But hey....
Choosing delivery to the USA the cheapest bouquet is about US$ 57 incl.fees.
Please...blogreaders from the USA...could you please tell that because flowers over there are that expensive???
I spend some time with google and browsing the internet and finally found an US shop with affordable prices...but ordering was tricky as the system didn´t take my German billing address... but finally the order was send and I hope it will work and my cousin will be glad to.
But I still can´t understand where´s the difference of ordering here or over there....
Have a nice weekend everybody -

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CozyCoops Corner hat gesagt…

I love the rosehip wreath ~ very pretty !Have a wonderful day !
Janae :-)