Dienstag, 9. Dezember 2008


Belated here are the pics from Nikolaus day.
I think it´s not usual anywhere...so let me tell ya about it.
In Germany we do celebrate Nikolaus on December the 6th.
Kids are preparing for Nikolaus by polishing their boots or shoes and do place them near the door.
For our family we also do place a plate with some cookies and a glas of milk.
While the children are asleep at night the Nikolaus is coming to them and fills their boots/shoes.
Normally the boots were filled with Nuts, oranges or some sweets, but of cause more and more kids today also do get some (small) toys.

Here the boys are checking their boots in the morning.

And....Nikolaus has tried some of our cookis and also he drank from the milk ;-) .

Later we took the boys to my parents in law - they wanted to do some christmas bakery with Granny - and we found a new board in a close-out-shop.
Hubby wants me to use the new board only for books...but I just found it was great for my snowman collection....

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Shay hat gesagt…

OH how fun, what a blast for the kids!!! You have adorable kiddos!

Thank you so much for your sweet words on my blog. Yeah Ian can understand. He's four and has Asbergers (high functioning Autism..he's brilliant) but he understands the general idea that she is gone. It's awful for this to happen to their family right before Christmas. She just celebrated on Halloween her 5th Birthday too.

Thank you again for your hugs and Merry Christmas to you & yours!