Mittwoch, 25. Mai 2011

just a little "hello" I told you - my dear blog friends - some time ago... I´m totally addicted to facebook. And I have to say I think that´s the reason I became such bad blogger.

I´m working on new bears if I find the be honest I HAVE to ;) as I´m working on a limited edition order.

But today I just want to send you this little HELLO.

With my newest technical "must-have" I just found some new oh so addictive things...

So if you´re still interested in MY VIEW ..take a lil time and see me at tumblr or steply.

You may find my pics at instagram too... just feel free to add me (mamaleone1)

And last but not least.... here´s one more great source of wonderful pics : - find me there as

That´s it - would be fun to meet you there!



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