Sonntag, 10. Mai 2009

Happy Mother´s Day

I started this mother´s daywith a visit to the fleamarket...Kids stayed at some friends last night cause we went to a birthday party. Hubby still was asleep so I had to spend the time. See some of my finds on the pic. A wonderful old wooden box...a box for handkerchies - I do already have two similar boxes -
a little box with vintage christmas ornaments, the enamel strainer and a skull ashtray...well...we do not smoke...and this ashtray was never used before...I thought it is a wonderful Halloween decoration...
I also got some soccer shirts and a game for the boys.
Back home I got those wonderful flowers and paintings and a little treasury box for Mother´s day.

Outside in the garden...
The first strawberries are getting a soft shine of red...

And the Oriental poppy start´s blooming.

And here´s what I found yesterday...well...that´s nature... and I think our cats do enjoy having a garden now...

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Kristine hat gesagt…

Hi There!!
I Couldn't pass by without saying "Hello"! ;-)and to say I really enjoyed looking at your blog and web-store...I esp. was intrigued to see you were from Germany!..Not too many prim artists in your area!.lol;-)
I'm adding you to my blog roll if that's ok! ;-)..
Have a Nice Day!!
Kristine ;-)