Sonntag, 18. Oktober 2009

So much....where to begin...

Have been busy with several things and haven´t had the time to post.
First let me introduce you to my newest halloween creation -


I also made an other new bear - and guess what - it´s a girl!

And finally there´s a third´s a pic in his Halloween Outfit...

That´s all for MY bears....
Remember the last give away I posted about?

This weekend I visited the blog for the Halloweenparty over there and....discovered it´s ME who won!


I´m really looking forward to say Hello to this little guy!
Finally I have to say thank you to Gitti of who gave me a new award!

Here´s what to do next :
1. say THANK YOU to the one who send you the award.
2. copy the award pic and place it into your blog.
3. link to the person who awarded you.
4. tell 7 things about yourselve that others don´t know.
5. Choose 7 creative bloggers and send them this award.
6. link them
7. inform them about the award.
As I´m posting this just a few hours before my hubby´s birthday ...I will think a little more about my award to-do´s and post about it later!
That´s all for today...


TinyBear hat gesagt…

Love your new bears. They are as fab. as always, Think Rosaly is my favorite but that 0ct. 31 Halloween bear is really great too.

Lost bears hat gesagt…

Beautiful bears! I like sweety Rosaly. congratulations !

Laenesbärchen hat gesagt…

So adorable bears. I especially like Oct31st. Because of his color and his friendly face.
Dear greetings from the village

Bärenliebe hat gesagt…

Klasse Bären liebe Marion!!!!! Vor allem Rosaly *hach jaaa* :)) Liebe Grüße und noch einen schönen Sonntag Abend... Eileen :)