Donnerstag, 26. November 2009

Happy Thanksgiving be honest we do not have thanksgiving over here in Germany but to all my international friends who do have I´m sending my greetings!
We´re preparing for the first advent.
I´m busy decorating the house, busy with taking the kids to swimming school, busy taking them to the dentist, stopping at my PiL´s where Fabian has to prapare for the little Christmas Market next sunday as he´s going to make music there with the other granchilds of my PiL.
Yepp...that´s it...over here. You see as always if it´s coming to the time of the ear everything should get a bit more cozy and slow and calm - to be honest its getting more busy lol.

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Olde Dame Penniwig hat gesagt…

You are going to be BUSY!

Thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes. I recently found out about the German Erntedankfest and it sounds like a lovely holiday, too!

I love how Germany celebrates a longer Christmas season than here in the U.S. and it seems a bit more thoughtful, too! I hope one day to be able to attend one of the Markets in your lovely country.