Donnerstag, 31. Dezember 2009

Time to

say Good bye to 2009.

I hope you all are prepared for a wonderful and happy New Year.

The last days I heard very good news - a friend is pregnant...expecting the baby in summer.

But I also heard bad news...about an other friend now going seperated ways with her husband...they have two boys I really hope they make the right decision.

And I´m also thinking of our neighbors´boy - a friend of Leon - who´s at hospital since christmas...

And I don´t forget about those who left us this year....

Let´s see what 2010 will bring... let´s hope for the very best!


baerenkinder by Ines hat gesagt…

Dear Marion - I wish in this new year God gives you 12 month of happiness, 52 weeks of fun, 365 days success, 8760 hours good health, 52600 minutes good luck, 3153600 seconds of joy. Happy New Year! - Ines

old_roses-memories hat gesagt…

Happy Twenty-Ten! ;o))

Olde Dame Penniwig hat gesagt…

My college German has forsaken I will just say "Happy Neu Jahr!" and hope it expresses many good wishes for 2010 and beyond!

BriPaBären - Tagebuch einer Bärenmacherin hat gesagt…

Liebe Marion,
alles alles Liebe zum neuen Jahr wünsche ich dir und deinen Lieben!
Gruß Gitti