Dienstag, 19. April 2011

Back with new bears !

I´m so sorry for not updating my blog...I´m just hooked on facebook...I´m really sorry...I know this is NO excuse.
I´ve been busy with family and with some other crafting - e.g. I found back to create some typewriter keys jewelery.
But I was ALSO creating new bears & friends.

Today I just finished listing them on my website http://www.rusty-prim.de .
Please come and visit them - I´m looking forward to get your comments.

And please...forgive for being soooo quiet for a long time! ;)


countrycharisma hat gesagt…

Your bears are beautiful! Love their new/old look with wonderful details!

Tina @ TinyBear hat gesagt…

Love those red old worn ones. The color are perfect.

Rusty-Prim hat gesagt…

Thanks! ;o)

Leny hat gesagt…

love your new bears and elephant,beautiful colors.


deb hat gesagt…

very cool blog..glad I found you!!!!!

Hữu Tú Trương hat gesagt…

Nice blog !!!
thanks for sharing
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