Samstag, 15. August 2009

Back from Euro Diney - 2

The next day we spent at the Walt Disney Studios.
There were lots of really great and wonderful shows! Very impressing!
We had lunch at the Lucky Nugget it was so much fun for the boys o meet the characters there and getting their autographs etc.
The pic above shows us helping Buzz was the favorite attraction of Leon...and by the way DH also was very proud to improve his highscore with every ride lol.
Thursday was spent again at both parcs...watching a few more shows and parades.
We had our last Dinner at the Inventions Restaurant in the Disney hotel. We were told the characters wont be there...but they were! And we had such a wonderful buffett! Great - I forgot to take pictures..but it was really good!
We met more characters...and DUM became our favorite as he was having so much fun with us!

We finished our trip with some more rides in the early friday morning followed by some shopping.
As I´m totally in love with Halloween and love the nightmare before christmas, I got a mug and a ring from Jack.
(One of the boys took this picture...I didn´t realize what kind of pics they were taking while I was shopping ;-) )
At 11 we left and the trip home lasts 12 hours....
Happy to be home again...but had a wonderful time and I hope the boys won´t forget about it!
Dennis is soooo happy he met the REAL Mickey!

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