Sonntag, 9. August 2009


Time to blog again - sorry for not blogging the last days!
First we had Dennis´ birthdayparty - he wanted to have a pirates-birthday and we had much fun with him, his little guests and their treasure hunt.
Two days later we went for holidays to Ruegen ( Rugia/Baltic Sea).
The first day we visited the "king´s chair" - the most majestic part of the chalk cliffs .

The second and third day we just had some relaxing days at the beach in Glowe. There´s a wonderful´s a "busy" pic..

And this is how it looked like in the next morning....
The last day we went down the isle to visit the wonderful Pier in Sellin.
Back home now we prepare for the next trip...a week in Paris / EURODISNEY !
I´m sure it´ll be big fun for the boys but will also be exhausting.... I´ll be back soon .....

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