Dienstag, 18. Mai 2010


Last weekend my linedance group and I visited a "Western-town".
It´s called El Dorado and is located in Templin, 1 1/2 hour north from Berlin.
We went there for a linedance party in the evening.
Weather wasn´t fun...only rain. So we couldn´t really enjoy everything there...but being there with the group really was fun. And the party was fun too (I think I have to mention those yummy cocktails lol)
Here are some pics...

I liked the decoration in the clothes shop, but you weren´t allowed to take pictures.
As I asked why, they told me it just means they don´t want the people to try all those clothes (vintage style ones too ) and make photosessions... but of cause I was allowed to photograph the decoration.

And...finally...we visited the photoshop and made those funny "vintage style" pictures...
It really was fun!


BriPaBären - Tagebuch einer Bärenmacherin hat gesagt…

Hey Marion,
du siehst ja Klasse aus!!! :o)
Könntest wirklich als Western-Lady duchgehen!! :o)
Liebe Grüße

heidi hat gesagt…

Looks like you had fun?!!
Is that you all dressed up in the last pic?

Rusty-Prim hat gesagt…


yes...the photo shop had lots of dresses to choose from...
we really had fun!