Samstag, 1. Mai 2010

Todays finds

Look what great stuff I found today:

An old wooden trunk, an antique suitcase ( was from an old children grammophon), a vintage tin,

I love this old wooden shoe last and the old hoe.

The book "Fliegende Blätter" is a collection of vintage papers... such great ephemera!

Next pic is called "strollers of the future". ;)

I also found lots of books and CD´s and a outdoor-game for the boys... so everyone should be happy today! ;)


Tammy ~ A Primitive Place hat gesagt…

LOVE Your new finds!!!
Drooling al over the keyboard looking at the pictures!! LOL!!

Rusty-Prim hat gesagt…

Lol... ;)))

Willow hat gesagt…

fantastic finds ! Loving the epherma papers.