Donnerstag, 26. März 2009

Demo and sneak peek

I finished three more bears today...but had some interruption when my neighbour called me from work to take her son from school because he had a little accident. He fell and hurt his upper lip which extremly bled. And his teeth did also hurt. So I took him home...teeth seemed to be ok...but will call her later to hear what it looks like now.
About midday we had a demonstration from the kindergarden. It was for more time, more contribution and more education for the children. We had a meeting with our mayor and gave him our "lists of wishes".

Back home I spend some time with the boy´s homework, learning...
and finally now (hubby, Leon and Fabian are out for soccer) I find the time to blog and show the next sneak peek.
I hope tomorrow there will be a bit more sun to take pictures of the other two new bears.
Now preparing the dinner...looking forward to a TV evening...watching "Germany´s next Topmodel" and of course PRISONBREAK.

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Down Willow Lane hat gesagt…

Just found your blog...I just love your bears.they are so cute!