Sonntag, 15. März 2009

resting elephant...

As we had finished gardening yesterday we went for a little walk. And what we found was this pure old elephant resting at the side of the street....
Today I visited the fleamarket again...found some clothes and a book for the boys and this wonderful old suitcase. I love the old used look of it.
I already have some of those old small suitcases...but I will also offer them at the next teddy bear show...
It´s raining today...Leon has a soccer game today and later we are looking forward to go bowling with our neighbours ( that´s what we decided while bowling on the Wii on friday..).

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yslair hat gesagt…

OK the suitcases are great, but I like your own elephants much more!!
This one looks a lite bit like Dumbo or the Dschungel Book ;o))
Wiesbaden yesterday was not so exciting - a lot of hares & bunnies - Easter is coming - and also a lot of shabby elephants and pug dogs ;o)
Seems to be the "new trend" here in Germany!!!
Hope to meet you in Rheda-Wiedenbrück??