Mittwoch, 18. Februar 2009


Today I just want to show my cats.
They are 13 this year.
The red one is called Gordon,
the other one is called Rocky.
Rocky was the first one - he was a present from DH.
Just a few months later we decided to look for a second cat...and one day we got Gordon.
He was quiet too young but we took him from the animal shelter.
We treated them as they were our hundreds of pictures, played with them all the time...
I have to say it became less and less...and then the boys came...
But the cats - even older - were ok with that..
They enjoyed their living together.
The boys weren´t very interested in the cats.
But this changed in the last few years...know the boys often play with them or just stroke them.
And as we now have the house the cats also enjoy the outside living.

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