Donnerstag, 12. Februar 2009

Spend two hours

at the doctor today.
As finally he got the results of my CT I had to visit the doctor again today.
This means hurry up in the morning to get Fabian and Dennis just in time to School/kindergarden and than hurry to the doc...I´ve been there just in time quarter to eight...already five other waiting there!
So I had much time to read...
I´m actually reading:
It´s my third book of Sophie Kinsella I´m reading...I already had "Can you keep a secret?" and "Confessions of a shopaholic".
I really enjoy reading the english books...and those by Sophie Kinsella are really easy to read.
Back to the doc...after two hours it was finally my in five minutes I let me know that in fact there is a (small) Herniated Disc. Now ( once again) I´ll have to get some physio therapy.
Back home I found some first little signss of spring in the garden...
...and my witch-hazel ( Hamamelis ) is showing her beautyful red too.

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