Montag, 9. Februar 2009

A week

without blogging...sorry...but I wasn´t really in the mood for...and the boys had no school so we spend the time together.
From time to time I do have trouble with my started some years ago..but after a while it was always getting better...I think it was radiopaqued some time ago...and with three kids I think its no wonder at all...but as it was worse again last week I decided to go to the doc ( I normally used to get a syringe and some painkillers from the Orthopedist...) so now I went to an other doc here and he wanted me to have a CT to see if there´s a Herniated Disc.
I do have the CD with the pictures of the Ct but can´t see anything...I´m now waiting for the result...the doc still hasn´t got it..than we will see...
So I also forgot to show what I found at the fleamarket and ebay a week ago..
And some more spring bulbs...

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