Montag, 13. April 2009

Fleamarket finds

We had a wonderful sunny Easter Sunday yesterday .

First the kids did run outside for the easteregg hunt.
My PIL´came for breakfast and later we went for a walk and the boys still found more eggs ;-)
We spend the day in the garden and did enjoy the sun doing nothing.
Today after breakfast I was allowed ;-))) to visit the fleamarket. Here are some of my finds...
a wonderful old suitcase, old miniature scale, some old dices , funels...and a children sewing machine.

Today we visit my P-i-L again - so wishing you all one more sunny day!

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ginger hat gesagt…

What a wonderful selection of treasures you have found. The scale is charming. The sewing machine is very special. I have a similar one from my childhood. It sounds like you had a fun day.