Donnerstag, 2. April 2009

Spring and sun

over here!
Hope you´ll get some sun too!
I really enjoy all the flowers getting more each day...

I just finished two more bears - wow ---I´m really proud of me being so crafty at the moment, as there are only about two weeks left til the Teddybaer Total...
But I Still have to "age" the new here´s a sneak peek of the last bear I finished last week.
I nearly did run out of my prefered fabric...but today I just got some´s keep on be crafty !
Sunny greetings -

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Laura hat gesagt…

Hello Marion.....thank you for stopping by my blog.....I love teddy bears and have a few very very old ones that I will post about soon! I shall be checking back and also checking out your store! Be well, Laura